Monday, May 31, 2004

Jeepers Creepers 2

Out of a sense of obligation to the first one, I rented the sequel to Jeepers Creepers, the aptly titled Jeepers Creepers 2. After watching the movie, I find myself at a complete loss for words. Not because it was so bad or good, but simply because it was so boring. The first one was so comically ludicrous, and, as with so many other sequels, this just pales in comparison and makes the original look very well thought out and developed. The basic premise is a bunch of students are on a bus, heading through Creeper-land. The Creeper attacks them. The end. The brother from the first movie makes a brief cameo, as the spirit of the brother from the first movie, warning one of the students through a vision to turn back. With the possible exception of Cabin Fever, I can’t remember the last time I wished so much ill will and death upon movie characters. While the original did offer up a few suspenseful moments, this movie is entirely lacking any suspense or gore or even horror. You see things coming from a mile away. Literally. They shoot the serial killing Creeper flying in from at least a mile away before he attacks. Early on in the movie, they kill off all the adult supervision for the busload of kids, while simultaneously killing off any frail strings of plot or explanation that had been offered. Most of the movie consists of kids running interspersed with a few brief moments of something actually happening. If you were one of the few people to see the first one, and were tempted in any way to watch the sequel, I would recommend sitting home with a bottle of vodka and making up the continuation of the story yourself. You would do much better.


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