Monday, May 31, 2004


Lance Henriksen vs. Bigfoot? You gotta believe this is going to be good. That would be your first mistake. Your second would be hitting the play button. As promising as this set up sounds, in the end, I felt let down. And cold. And a little hungry. Early on, the director seems very eager to show off all the camera techniques he just learned in his film making correspondence course. Like the shaky camera, the digitized picture, the out of frame, blurry, let’s not actually show the audience what’s going on effect. Later it becomes clear why the techniques are being used, to cover up the man in the slightly groomed gorilla costume they are trying to pass of as the Sasquatch. Each scene ends with a black out. Some scenes end half way through with a blackout. Random shots are just thrown in between blackouts. Someone had apparently just finished the Editing for Dummies chapter: “Fading To Black” before making this, without going on to read the chapter: “Every Other Option For Ending A Scene”. (For all you Simpson’s fans, its very reminiscent of Homer’s usage of the star-wipe when making Flanders’s dating video). So the basic plot is such: Lance is a multi-millionaire who owns a company that just produced the prototype for a machine that can instantly identify D.N.A. samples. His daughter is involved in a plane crash while transporting the prototype. Lance organizes a search party under the pretence of finding his daughter, when his real concern is the prototype. The group discovers that they are being stalked by some creature about the same time as they discover the plane crash victims were all killed by some creature. The audience discovers that the Sasquatch has heat vision for some unknown reason. Half the search party is killed by the Sasquatch. Lance learns a little bit about life and love and the true meaning of Christmas. The end. The movie offers two different explanations of why the Sasquatch is hunting and killing people, and in the end, the movie seems to resolve the debate, without making it very clear which one it is for the audience. After 90 minutes of mind numbingly boring suspense, plot holes and bad acting, to then expect the audience to think is asking a little too much. Shame on you movie, shame on you..


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