Monday, May 31, 2004


First off, this movie fails to offer what it promises. The coast is never toast, it just gets some lava on it. Perhaps a better tag line would have been "The coast gets kind of toasty". Tommy Lee Jones stars as Tommy Lee Jones playing an L.A. city worker in charge of transportation, or natural disasters, or Anne Heche control, or something like that. Anne Heche plays the scientist. The two run around L.A. trying to prevent the volcano lying under the city from causing total destruction, preventing the coast from becoming the toast that the movie posters had offered. The perpetually 75 year-old Tommy has a young daughter who gets lost and must be saved, everyone in L.A. learns a little something about themselves and each other. Race relations are solved, the cops and robbers hug, things get blown up, Tommy and Anne fall in love. And in the end, the coast is eggs over easy with a side of hash browns and your choice of English muffin or bagel. But definitely, no toast. For a better volcano disaster film, I recommend Dante's Peak.

* Note: After writing this, I went back and read Mike Nelson's review of Volcano in his book Movie Megacheese, and realized that mine was unintentionally similar, particularly in the whole tag line issue. The main difference is his is well written, clever and funny. For some really great bad movie reviews, check out Mike Nelson's Moviemegacheese.


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